Finnish cities as songs, poems or pictures

Student’s task is to pick two cities or areas from home region. Then she/he choose songs, poems and/or pictures representing those cities or areas, and create two objects on the map with descriptive images or texts. The task is suitable for lessons in music, visual arts and languages in primary and secondary schools.

For this task both the teacher and the students need their own username in PaikkaOppi. The teacher can prepare some usernames for a group of students so that every student doesn’t have to register themselves. The teacher must also create a course base on which all the tasks will be done.

  1. Go to and open the map service
  2. Sign in with your username
    After signing in you will see a map window as below
  3. Select “Taustakartat” (background map) and “Maastotietokanta”
  4. Pick two cities or areas from your home region (Maakunta). Then choose songs, poems and/or pictures representing your two cities or areas. You can search songs from YouTube, pictures with Google picture search and poems from the internet or you can write one yourself. Save selected pictures on your computer desktop.
  5. Create objects on the map (Lisää pistekohde)
    Zoom in to the city or area you have selected. Click the lightning symbol (Luo kohteita) from the toolbar above the map and select the pencil symbol (Lisää pistekohde). Click the map in the spot you want to create your object.
  6. Save attribute data on your object
    Select category (Valitse kategoria) “Omat paikat” (Own places) and class (Luokka) “Muu oma paikka” (Other own place). Name your object (Kohteen nimi), city or area name. Write on the text box (Kuvaus)

    1. Paste the link to the song of your choice
    2. Paste or write a poem
    3. Add a picture as a file or as a link after saving
    4. Once done press “Tallenna” (save).
  7. Click the mouse on top of your object symbol, the attribute data window will open. You can view and change your object’s attribute data by choosing “Muokkaa” (modify).
    Add a picture to your object. You can add a picture as a file on the text box:

    1. Click the tab “Liitetiedostot” (attachment)
    2. Tap the green circle to add image file
    3. Name your picture on the line reading “Kuvaus” (description)
    4. Click the lower green circle to select the file from your computer
  8. View all the saved objects together
    The saved objects can be viewed simultaneously through teacher’s username or the students can view the objects themselves.

    1. To view all the objects at the same time: select tab “Kohteet” (objects) from the right side menu
    2. Select the course you have used for saving from the drop-down menu
    3. Tag “Omat paikat” (own places) from the list
    4. Now you can see all the objects saved on the same course. You can open up and view each object separately.
  9. At the end of the class you can have a group discussion about why certain places are associated with certain songs, feelings or mental images.


Tehtävämallin kehittäminen maantieteen ja biologian opettaja Marianna Kuusela

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